We chatted with Kyle Anderson, the uber-stylish Accessories Director at Marie Claire who’s just as famous for his street style as his high-fashion editorials. With a personality as bold and colorful as his meticulously edited and addictive Instagram feed, we couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say. Kyle shared with us his unique sources of inspiration and his unexpected fashion icon.

Name: Kyle Anderson

Occupation: Accessories Director of Marie Claire

Style icon: Sharon Stone as Ginger in Casino, I love rich b*tches with flashy clothes

One thing you never leave home without: my chapstick

Favorite vacation destination: Stockholm

Trends you’re loving right now: woodstock at Saint Laurent

Where do you find inspiration?: Instagram, construction zones and graffiti

Favorite piece of jewelry: diamond rolex

What you’re listening to right now: Korean pop music from 1997

Latest splurge: Chanel police badge cuff

Best jewelry/accessories advice: buy something expensive that you really love and wear it all the time.

You’re very active on social media. We love your Instagram! How do you think Instagram has changed the fashion game?: I think people are MUCH more informed as to what choices they have for fashion than ever before. Instagram makes it possible for anyone to become known for their style.